Book Club – Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body


Animal is a fascinating book. The wonderful Sara Pascoe has managed to write a book that made me feel so many things and reflect so much on my own life, so sum it up in three words, ‘incredibly thought provoking’. Although three words certainly does not do this book justice.

Sara has written a fabulous book that explores what it is to be a woman and how ‘ early women’ became today’s modern women. She has put a ridiculous amount of research into this book and I came away with a lot more facts than I was expecting. On that note, I don’t quite know what I was expecting from Animal, I’d heard good things and it’s bright red cover kept turning up on my instagram feed but I genuinely feel like this book has had an effect on me. On the way I view the world and where we all came from that I never got from school. I thought this book would focus a lot on the light hearted humorous aspects, Sara though, was definitely not scared to shy away from the nitty gritty of the subjects, no, she tackled them head on. None of this flimby flamby approach to women’s bodies, issues and instincts you might have read before, this is a sleeves rolled up, no question is a stupid question kind of book. All paired with Sara’s excellent sense of perfectly timed humour. It’s brilliant.

I found myself midway through sections of this book just gazing into the middle distance really pondering on a point Sara had raised. In other parts I’d had to stop mid page because my tears just would not stop. Then, of course, there was the uncontrollable laughter that would burst from me on the train causing me to receive some ‘looks’ from my fellow commuters. It was a true emotional rollercoaster and some of the parts that made me reflect on things I’d tucked safely away proved a difficult read and resulted in days of self contemplation.

Personally I just got a lot out of this book. I’ve not only learnt a hell of a lot about Sara Pascoe but also a great deal about myself as a woman.


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