Book Club – ‘Girl Up’ and read this book

So off the back of international women’s day last month, on the 8th of March, I decided to read something empowering. And because I’m a magpie for bright colours I came away with this gem that is Laura Bates’ Girl Up.

Straight up don’t take this as I’m a ‘raging’ feminist (what even is one of those is anyway…a stereotype) nor am I the type of person to normally go head long into something non fiction without a solid recommendation from a friend. This book though is excellent, and I’m now looking for my next non fiction adventure.

But now back to this fabulous book. Laura speaks the truth. Countless times throughout this book she had me looking back at my own school years thinking, yeah why didn’t I see that as sexism? That there is what is so very clever about this book. It doesn’t just tell you someones opinions from their own very solid standpoint, it fully involves you, whatever your background, hell whatever your gender, you will get something out of this book.

Girl Up is truly eye opening. It made me stop and think (sometimes mid-sentence), it made me question. Which are both very important things in the fast paced age of social media where quite often at any point in the day we’ll have a sexist image trust in our faces under the guise of ‘innocent’ advertising. Laura confronts serious topics that we all should have, but sadly probably didn’t, go over at school, such as consent, equality and porn.

Sexist Bullshit Klaxon

All of this is brilliantly wrapped up in what can only be described as Laura’s excellent sense of humour. Its all helped along with a collection of witty illustrations that are all perfectly timed and make a great point. Absolutely none of this book is intimidating. It is completely inclusive. So if you’re open to taking a step back and having a hard look at both your school years and the world around you and thinking ‘gosh yeah, maybe we’re not quite there yet’. Then I think you should read this book. But the warning on the back sums this book best: This book contains feminist limericks, colour-by-number genitalia and dancing vaginas. I mean it genuinely does- go find out for yourself!



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