Forget the Christmas coffee…

So it is that magical time of year again when trees go up and red cups go on sale, well this year pass by the the red cups and spiced lattes to focus on the important thing here. Because along with the festive hot drinks comes a wealth of Christmas and holiday themed foods. So forget your Christmas cups because this year I’m all about the themed sandwich.

I’m a massive food lover so of course anything new popping up in shops over the festive period was going to catch my eye. I’m going to give you a run down of all of the Christmas sandwiches that I’ve come across so far. Due to where I work I am limited to the places I can purchase these festive foods so this list will only include sandwiches from Boots, Pret and Starbucks.

5. Pret’s Very Merry Christmas Lunch

At the bottom of my list is Pret’s Vegan offering for Christmas 2016. I was drawn to this option because I absolutely love Parsnips. And in this sandwich is parsnip puree, grilled carrots, crispy onions, pistachios and chutney. Overall it was a pretty good sandwich and an excellent option if you are looking for something vegan or vegetarian.I really enjoyed it until I hit the chutney, it was just a bit too much for me, but that is personal taste. The one thing that really let that festive sandwich down was the bread. The bread in this sandwich is very tough, you have to use some serious force to make your way through it. Although as a non vegan this might just be what vegan bread is like due to being made in a different way to standard bread. That being said it was still a tasty lunch.

4. Boots Turkey, Stuffing and Redcurrant

The Boots Christmas sandwich was probably the first ever Christmas sandwich I had, so this one is a classic in my eyes. I always feel you know what you get with a Boots sandwich, which is why I enjoy them. I never go in expecting a taste explosion, I just want something safe. That is what this Christmas sandwich is, safe. Its good, there’s turkey, stuffing and some red fruit sauce in there too. You just can’t go wrong.

3. Pret’s Christmas Lunch

This is a definite upgrade on the boots Christmas sandwich. There’s just a bit more to this sandwich; turkey, stuffing, cranberry and port sauce topped with crispy onions. This was a sandwich where I was disappointed when it was over, it really was very moreish. Something about have real cranberry sauce but this sandwich firmly above the other two, it just had the taste of Christmas. Of course a Christmas meal isn’t complete without something crispy, in a real dinner potatoes but here the onions add that satisfying crunch. This is a solid contender in the Christmas sandwich world.

2. Boots Turkey, Smoked Cheese and Coleslaw 

This is an incredibly illusive Christmas sandwich it first made an appearance the end of October and has not been spotted since but it’s great so it still makes the list. Due to not actually being able to hunt this sandwich down in the last two weeks I’m not entirely sure of the full list of sandwich but it definitely contained turkey, smoked cheese and coleslaw. It was a fine sandwich and began this years search for the best Christmas sandwich of 2016. This was very tasty smoky sandwich that had a great amount of filling, it made me feel festive even in October which is quite an achievement.(I was working night shifts the week I had this so I hope it wasn’t a hallucination.)

1. Starbucks Turkey and Maple Bacon

I would like to start with this- this sandwich might be titled with the very delicious maple bacon but this title completely doesn’t match up to the contents of this, my, ultimate Christmas sandwich of 2016! It’s title no where near covers its’ extensive contents- pulled turkey, maple-cured bacon, pork, sage & onion stuffing, potato hash, sweet potato & pumpkin purée, cranberry & real ale chutney and spinach on rye bread. Come on! They’ve basically crammed a whole turkey dinner in there. This was so good, every mouthful was just like eating a through a Christmas dinner, potato, stuffing, sweet potato, bacon…just an absolute masterpiece. If this sandwich doesn’t make your taste-buds feel festive you are a lost cause.

*Bonus biscuit* The Pret Chocolate Praline Cookie (Melt in the Middle)

This the perfect follow up to a Christmas sandwich that I couldn’t possibly leave it off the list. It 100% does what it says on the tin. This is a little moment of heaven dusted in icing sugar. It doesn’t need much explaining other than I wanted you to know about it because you must try the Christmas cookie!

I hope you’ll join me on my quest to make the Christmas sandwich bigger than the Christmas cup. And let me know if you think you’ve found one to rival the top spot!


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