Once Upon a Time

If you read my last TV blog you’ll know that Crazy Ex Girlfriend recently made it on to my list of favourite shows, but right at the top of the list for the last year and a bit has been Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time is now in it’s 6th season and in my opinion is still going strong. If you haven’t come across the show before I’ll do my best to try to summarise it for you. So, for starters this is a drama with its heart set firmly amongst all of your favourite fairytales and disney characters. All of the different worlds join together and many characters from all of the stories cross paths. Every story has so much depth. For example some of the shows central characters are born out of Snow White, the show has taken this well known story and has added back story and future story. Ultimately this is a big, bold, ongoing Disney film that any Disney fan is sure to love.

This tale begins with a whole host of fairytale characters being transported into our magic free world, of course they have all be ‘cursed’ by the Evil Queen. As a result of this they don’t know where they have come from or who they are, as far as they know they are just ordinary people, living ordinary lives, with ordinary TV drama problems. Except through the eyes of a child we, the audience, know and therefore the whole first series hinges on the quest to break the curse.

Then introducing the Saviour, because all good stories need a kick ass hero, and in true 21st century style the Saviour is a woman. Actually a three of the biggest characters are women, completely switching around the long overdone fairytale theme of the damsel in distress these characters will wait for no man to save them. With the best example I can give you being that Snow White spends a fair amount of her past being a badass bandit.

So if you fancy an updated look at some classic characters with a fair amount of adventure thrown in this makes great cosy Sunday TV. The next episode in the 6th season is available on Netflix from the 30th November.


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