Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Crazy Ex Girlfriend is now on the list of my favourite shows.

This show was released in the UK on Netflix earlier this year and I heard about it by reading this great review on the Guardian. I was scouting for something new to watch when I was off sick and had exhausted everything else. And although being something that I chose in a last ditch attempt to entertain myself I have now watched every episode currently available to me! So in my opinion it was definitely a step up from my usual watching of the oddest things Netflix has to offer when I’m feeling unwell.

Right, what is Crazy Ex Girlfriend? You might be wondering and why is it so great?

Well, let me tell you. It’s so brilliantly written, hilarious, relatable if in an extreme way that makes you feel a bit better about the times when you’ve gone a bit crazy over an unrequited love. There’s no better way to explain this show than by just showing you the title sequence…


So it follows the incredibly bright Rebecca Bunch, who seems to have a bit of a hapless love life and moves halfway across the country to live in the same town as her childhood sweetheart but underneath has a whole load of other stuff going on. This show deals with so many topics so well from mental health to sexuality all with a pinch of good humour and humanity.

Oh yeah and one thing that makes this whole series completely unique is it’s a musical. Whenever any of the characters reach a high, a low or a difficult decision they break into song. All of the musical numbers provide some of the best comic moments in the show. It’s very aware of it’s genre and that’s why it plays out so brilliantly, there’s a touch of it laughing at itself and pointing out how absurd it would be to burst into song in everyday life. Such as in one episode one character Paula is singing to the camera while Rebecca is there and she just looks confused as to who she is singing to. All of the songs are excellent and will definitely get into your head, especially ‘I Have Friends’. I have just discovered that the songs are on Spotify so now I can walk down the street earphones in pretending I’m in the show.

New episodes from Season 2 are released on Sundays.



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