Humans – Series 2

If you haven’t watched series 1 I’ll try not to give away too many spoilers but you have been warned!

I would like to start off by saying, I am a big fan of the Humans advertising campaigns. If you haven’t seen them they advertise the ‘synthetics’ as seen in the show as if we are living in the near future where this is actually possible. It’s just so creepy that we could be so close. But I think it’s brilliant because it sets up this weird world that’s not far from our own. With this series the adverts had a dark tone to them, where’s there’s something just not quite right! Which, I hope, means that this series is going to be even more intense than the last. If the new episode is anything to go by I think I might be right. 

So last Sunday the new series started. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. We rejoin the previous cast a little further on in time from the end of the last series where all the dust is settling. Which of course is where it’s going to all kick off again, and it certainly does. This first episode catapulted the new series straight into action and it’s looking like it’ll be a very fast paced series! If you’ve seen the trailers you’ll know that new conscious synths join the group, in causing some chaos in their awakening. It looks like these newbies are going to bring some of the storyline along with the big question from the end of last series, should they ‘wake up’ more synths? 

As always Humans is beautifully shot, gripping throughout and I can’t wait until next Sunday for episode 2. 

If you want to catch-up with Humans all of series 1 and the first episode of series 2 is on All4. 


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