If you haven’t watch this yet stop, right here and go watch it! Go on off you go, then come back here and join the party. 

Right where was I. 

Very few TV series come in neat little packages all tied up in a bow. But Fleabag is brilliant just as it is, I don’t even want it to come back for a second series. When does anyone get to say that after enjoying a whole show! It was just so well done. All of the lose ends get nicely (or not so nicely, because it gets a bit sad) tied up. No cliff hanger, no annoyingly unanswered questions where you’re left there tapping your foot until it returns. None of that. And quite frankly I love it for that. I have enough long running series that I’m hooked on and am constantly trying to keep up with it really is refreshing to have something so neatly done in just one series. 

As to the content I’m going to try to be vague for those of you who didn’t heed my warning at the top and go watch the programme first. The series follows a dysfunctional 30 year old woman who’s wit and scrapes will both grip and amuse. I described it to a friend as a ‘dirty’ Miranda. Mainly because of the style of the programme, Fleabag does a lot of talking to camera, internal monologue type stuff as well as in the way she is hopeless at life. But all in a very VERY different way. I’d watch Miranda with my Mum, I’m not sure I’d watch Fleabag with her too. 

It’s just great, I really don’t want to spoil it for you. Fleabag is written and played by the brilliant Phoebe Waller-Bridge and therefore the depth and the thinking of the main character is excellent. I find it has a bit of morbid curiosity about it, that thing where you know something terrible is going to happen but you can’t bear to look away. The big twist at the end of the series is perfectly horrible and I completely didn’t see it coming. 

It felt like a good book. And because it was released on iPlayer and wasn’t broadcast I felt like my friends and I all found out about it like a good book. By actually being recommended it and then recommending it on. In a time of so much choice, unexpected programmes that get people talking are the things you need to be watching. And Fleabag is absolutely one of those! 


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