My Favourite Chicken Nuggets

So it’s a pretty widely accepted thing that people tend to like chicken quite a lot, unless you’re vegan or vegetarian obviously.  I mean there are whole restaurant chains that trade off that fact. I am no exception to this rule, for a long time chicken was the only meat I would eat. But fear not my foodie friends I have a much broader mind now!

So it is with my deep love for chicken that I bring you my very first blog post.

I discovered this recipe just over a year ago and there began a beautiful friendship. I over heard one of my stepmother’s friends raving about how much of a hit it had been with her whole family. I have no problem admitting that one of my favourite recipes was originally intended as finger food for 9 month olds because it just tastes so good! Original recipe is from the wonderful Annabel Karmel, find her recipe here!

It’s really quite a simple flexible recipe, I can’t rave about it enough! I’ve cooked this for pretty much all of my friends while at university and it’s a frequent treat now I’m back home. Anyway I know why you came here and it wasn’t for my excellent blogging skills, it was for food. So let’s get to it!

You Will Need – 

Chicken breasts, milk, eggs, flour, rice crispies (crumbed), garlic puree, dried thyme, salt and pepper.

Step 1 – Marinade

Now this is a skippable step if you are short on time, but honestly it really makes the nuggets taste amazing!!  Chop all of the chicken breast up into nugget sized pieces and place in a largish bowl (For potions I go with 1 chicken breast per adult). Then cover the chicken with milk, add some garlic puree (to personal taste, I love garlic) and a nice shake of dried thyme. Then mix it all together. Allow to stand covered in the fridge for as long as 24 hours in advance but I’ve done it for just 1 hour before and that works just fine.

Step 2 – The Messy Bit

Now is the time to coat the nuggets in rice crispie goodness! You’ll wanted to set up three bowls to create coating stations. Station 1 being flour with a little salt and pepper mixed in (top tip- don’t pour out too much flour, you can always top it up). Station 2 is egg mixed with a dash of milk. And finally station 3, which is you crushed up rice crispies. Put them is a blender to get them to a nice bread crumb. Repeat the stations with each nugget and put them on a baking tray that has had a spray with cooking spray or a wipe over with some oil.

Step 3 – Cooking

There are two ways the lovely Annabel Karmel suggests to cook the nuggets, one is to fry but putting them in the oven is so much easier! So fire up your oven to one of the following 200ºC/ 400ºF/Gas 6/Fan 180ºC. Once it’s nice and hot, cook the nuggets for 15-20 minutes until crisp.

And that is it! Lovely delicious nuggets. I hope you enjoy the recipe, I just felt more people should know about it. Let know if you experiment with it at all, I’d love to hear your ideas and I’ll be sharing my adaptations to this recipe in the future.

Enjoy and stay curious!



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